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Best 3D Animation Company in Madurai, India

Osiz Technologies (P) Ltd. is one of the leading companies providing 3D animation services in various parts of the country. We hope to make our company the best 3D Animation Company in Madurai in the future. Our designs are attractive and engaging and we have also worked with many top-notch companies for 3D projects. We have a group of skilled animators who offer high-quality 3D animation services at reasonable rates. They apply the latest image processing as well as 3D graphics software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe effects, and Maya Touch. We have worked in the area of education, medical, entertainment and much more.

Best 3D Animation & Graphics Design Services

We at Osiz Technologies (P) Ltd offer professional 3D design services in India as well as abroad. We have hired a smart team of animators who create beautifully animated videos which will grab the attention of the customers. We also offer 3D animation services in the field of architecture. We create stunning cartoons for kids. Our powerful animators apply creativity to each project. They use modernized tools for 3D animation. Whether it is a product or service, our talented animators display those with the help of creative videos. We believe in providing superior quality work at affordable prices in right time.


Tools & Technologies


The animation is feeling the life in lifeless objects. We at Osiz Technologies (P) Ltd have a skilled team of animators uses modernized technologies such as Aurora 3D animation maker, Blender, Houdini and many others. They make some of the exceptional 3D models for every client. Our company is a reputed 3D animation company in India and we have done the projects of some of the well-known clients. We pay attention to the deadline for each project and accordingly work to satisfy the needs of each client. Every project of us is unique in its way and all our clients have liked the work provided by us.

Our 3D Animation Strategies

With each work, we at Osiz Technologies (P) Ltd prove to be the best 3D animators in Madurai. From last few years, our company is indulged with reputed clients in the projects of 3D animation, graphics designing and logo designing. We provide special effects and visual effects for TV shows, advertising and much more. We choose amazing backgrounds, colors, and designs for each project which make it look real. We have a passionate and dedicated team of animators who are ready to work anytime for the satisfaction of the clients. They put their excellent knowledge and immense talent for the success of every project.


Hire Our Professional 3D Animators

3D animation needs an excellent touch and so, we at Osiz Technologies (P) Ltd. hire best 3D animators in Madurai for giving the high-quality services to each client. We offer animation services for TV ads and various animated shows. Our powerful 3D animators have completed the complicated projects in the past. We apply 3D animation in every story for a better understanding of the audience. The complex concepts and themes are explained in an easy manner with the help of 3D animation. Our skilled 3D animators in India provide effective 3D animation services in every show and ads which are loved by kids as well as adults.

Awards and Certifications

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