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In this Growing Era, Technology is the trend to face this Fast paced world. OSIZ Technology is a Hi-Fi Web designing & development firm seeded in 2009 and has grown into a Banyan tree, fascinating day-by-day and progressing towards victory with a high level Motto. Withstanding in the business so stable not only requires hard work, but also requires smart work. We have acheived this reliable success by accompanying hard work with effecient smart work.

Each & every OSIZ employee excels in their work, with their uniqueness and abilities in the department they are employed in, which increases the effeciency & solidarity to the whole team. We OSIZERS work in a friendly network of OSIZ created by our beloved Founder/CEO Mr.Thanga Pandi & the Co-founder/M.D. Mrs.Kiruthiga Thangapandi. Here, within our network, there is always a healthy bridge built between the Management team and the Employee.

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Osiz Technologies has been established in web design and development company since 2010. For over 5 years, we provide plenty of professional web design and custom application development for any kind of business, individual and organization.

We come with friendly website development. Our professional web design and SEO service meets to optimize your business in any search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing search engine.

Osiz Technologies web design service is full time wed design firm and designed to provide you any kind of professional website development from small up to large business. Please check our website gallery for any design work and application features.

We come to hear, learn and create a development plan for website design. Visit our gallery page and contact us to discuss everything you need in web design project. Lets our expert team to learn and work create your professional website, host and update it quickly.

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In the act of Enlightening the client's startups and to lay the foundation, OSIZ visualises their ideas, brings them to reality and make them grow as a successful Startup.


OSIZ Shapes & Uplifts an Enterprise to become the Leading firm by scaling, contributing accordance service and support in order to bring out consistent and profitable growth in the business they are running.


By understanding Agencies diverse needs and goals, We equip them and their business by our ideal business strategies to make them reach the audience as the most desirable and recommended business.

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