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What are the main components of android app development lifecycle?

Each component of android app development is the entry point of through which the user can enter your app.

There are four types of app development, they are:


A service is a useful entry point for keeping an app activated in the background for all reasons.


An activity is an entry point to connect to the user. It maintains a single screen to the user interface.

Content providers

A content provider controls a shared set of app data which you are able to store in the file system such as SQLite database.

Broadcast receivers

A broadcast receiver is a component which makes sure to the system to deliver events to the app.

The Advantage of Getting Android App Development India Specialists

There are many advantages of android app development, they are:

Open source

An android is an open source which means that without worrying about licensing cost and or royalty android software development kit can be purchased.

Low investment and high ROI

It reduces the development cost as it is available free to developers. App development cost is divided into three major parts

  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Development

Easy to adopt

Many java experts find writing android app easy as compared to another programming language. Java can easily build android application easily if any developer is familiar to the java.

Customizable User Interface

A user interface is responsible for either make or break your app. Android application is easy to manage and highly customizable.

Multiple sales channels

You can sales channels or create your own distribution by using Google play store and other third-party app marketplaces.

Hire our Android Developers

An Android operating system is user-friendly Smartphone software. Our team has a vast experience in developing android applications from top end applications from small to large business and also we have a team of highly educated professionals. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technological advancements to meet our client’s requirements and needs. Our experts are also educated in different languages so that client from outside the country can easily communicate with our professionals. We also trained our developers on how to reduce the cost of a project for the profit of the business.

Mobile app development strategy

4 easy steps to create mobile development strategy are:

Decide how you want to interact with a mobile customer

Nowadays; applications can make use of cloud services like advertising, Twitter and in-app purchasing. For making a better relationship with their customers' apps are combining mobile features with cloud services.

Prioritize your platform development

A business is thinking about all major possibilities across all platforms and devices. For example, publishers opt for an Android tablet for making better with larger screens.

Evaluate your development sources

Better alternative, use your in-house web developers for creating mobile apps. Multiple development teams are developing the same app for different devices.

Choose a scalable development technology

As web developers uses Ajax and EAI products for scaling websites, reusable modules and fully integrated mobile architecture are used by innovative companies for quickly and easily scaling.


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