Osiz Benefits

With our usage of cutting-edge Technologies, our employee are up to date with the latest technologies. They get opportunities to become domain experts. Employee's exposure level grows day-to-day. The WORK-LIFE BALANCE of the employee at our company is excellent because job satisfaction as well as personal life satisfaction, both are emphasized. @OSIZ, individual get to learn more skills as they are allowed to interact and work with different talents.The culture and infrastructure of our premises gives the employee a very good ambience for them to deliver their work fruitfully.

As OSIZ works majorly in intenational projects, employee gets opportunity to interact and work with different Nationalities, which there-by increases their exposure to a great extent. Moreover, the qualified employee are given a privilage to fly and work onsight.

Job sEcurity

We @Osiz provide our employee the assurance about the continuity of gainful employment for his or her work life. The friendly ambience guaranteed by our management team acts as the source of mutual understanding among each other within the campus.

Every employee is different, with their own set of experience, value, cultural background, influences and beliefs. OSIZ identifies and appreciates the differences that one brings to the table and knows how to put them to full use. Unlike other IT firms, at OSIZ Technologies the possibility for Termination is NILL, since the employee's skills are identified discretely.

Highly Competitive Salary

OSIZ not only abides the standards and protocols of technology, but also abides to the Industrial standards for salary & wages. As the employee fulfills the needs of OSIZ, OSIZ rewards their SALARY ON-TIME. Moreover, they also get periodic & performance appraisals. Each & every employee is eligible for periodic appraisal whereas employee who exceeds the employer's expectation are specially awarded with a performance appraisal.

Incentives and perks acts as supplementary to the OSIZERS. Our salary package is inclusive of Employees' State Insurance, Provident Fund and Medi-claims as per government norms.

Immediate Responsibilities

At OSIZ we are always a step ahead because of our well planned Human Resource policies. We are persuaded by our super skilled HR team to contribute our duties more efficiently to reach the desired destination. The Induction and Orientation experience helps to settle our new employee in, and it avoids workplace issues in the future.

Prior and Proper Training Programs are organised for the new comers. Since we respect and consider each individual as important, we organise several committee like 'Needs-Welfare Committee', 'IT Service Management Committee' and so on., to address and to satisfy the needs of our employee. We have 'Anti-harassment policies' stating strict rules against harassment.

Awards and Certifications

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