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OSIZ Tech is an innovative and creative web design company in Madurai. In spite of the size of your business, online presence is very important. The relevance of having an online access can only be experienced. It cannot be put in words

What we Do?

Our professional team is well experienced and forward thinking. Our specialty in crafting bespoken website design solutions that assist our patrons creates a wonderful web presence that matches your companys individuality.

Broken Glass designs provide online web solutions which include website design, web application development, E-commerce portal development and SEO services. Our portfolios include services rendered to various corporate houses, professionals, start-ups and Entrepreneurs. The web site design solutions provided by us are entirely custom-made and tailored according to specific requirements of the Clients to succeed in the online space.

We provide a wide range of services in the field of Website Design and Development. We have successfully delivered our services to business world-wide, using advanced technology.

  • Fixed Cost Model
  • Time and Material Model
  • Dedicated Hiring Model

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Fixed Cost Model

We follow fixed cost model for projects with relatively clearly defined scope and requirements. This pre-negotiated model calls for fixing the total timeline and total cost before the project actually begins. Given that price, timelines, deliverables and objectives are pre-defined; this model is largely risk-free for both parties. It facilitates on-time and on-budget delivery. This model is ideal for small projects or projects with pre-defined requirements where output need to be delivered within budget in a targeted time frame. Because the budget is planned earlier, the uncertainties relating to development cost can be ignored.

  • The scope of a fixed cost model is very well-defined
  • Any changes in scope are estimated separately and require budget approval from the customer
  • The project is straightforward with little or no externaldependencies
  • The customer are billed on defined milestones and this model works best for well-defined, small to mid-scale projects

Time and Material Model

This is a pay-per-use engagement model where the clients pay us on hourly development activities for projects in which the scope, requirements and specifications are either not well defined at the beginning or may undergone midstream changes.

This model is ideal for projects with continuously evolving requirements. It facilitates project specification alteration as per the market needs.

  • The scope of the Time Material Model is defined tentatively and evolves as the process moves forward
  • The Project can be complex with a lot of integration and external dependencies
  • The customer is billed bi-weekly with supporting time-sheets
  • This model works well for any size of project
  • Developers or a Team can be hired for Offsite and Onsite engagementt

Dedicated Hiring Model

With access to a dedicated team, the client can control the human and technical resources engaged in his project execution. We can develop a highly talented team of performers, necessary equipment and infrastructure based on a client's specific business requirements. By hiring a dedicated team, a client can free himself from employing any in-house team of developers, thereby saving substantial costs.

This model is ideal for long-term projects where the offshore support services are sought continually.

  • Dedicated resources working from our Offshore Development Centre are assigned to the customer in a Dedicated Hiring Model
  • Dedicated resources can also be hired to work fromOnsite/Customers location
  • Project Management and Task Management are both handled by the customer directly. Herein the resources act as VirtualEmployees
  • The customer is billed a fixed price for each resource on a monthly basis
  • The Dedicated Hiring Model is best for companies with in-houseIT staff to manage and direct projects

Awards and Certifications

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  • General Enquiry : +91 452 2482752 Manager - HR : +91 9500466685 Sales : +91 9677555651