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An Osiz technology is the specialist organization for Customers and Inventory Management Software Development in India. Osiz technology is an exclusive authority management consulting organization concentrated on the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Indeed, we have been helping our customers since before the term Supply Chain was even in like manner utilize! We work with people and gatherings to defeat challenges and recognize and acknowledge open doors for more noteworthy achievement.


Customers and Inventory Maintenance Services


Powerful inventory management is tied in with realizing what you have, where it's stocked, and the amount you'll require. Less demanding said than done however. That is the place GEP brings esteem.

Osiz utilizes Custom service management software toward inventory management to empower the present worldwide, between associated business operations forestall stock-outs and enhance supply proficiency.

We are Inventory Management Software Development services in India with in excess of long periods of involvement in inventory maintenance management and serving many corporates around the world. Osiz enables customers to streamline their inventory through best-in-class forms and exceedingly effective tools.

Our complete inventory management directions incorporate:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Recharging Services
  • Material Optimization (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • MRO Inventory Planning
  • Kanban/Two Bucket System Implementation
  • JIT Implementation
  • Inventory Cost Accounting
  • Distribution center Operations Optimization

Inventory Maintenance Strategies

Our Inventory Management Software Services in India can enable you to plan, control, and sort out the merchandise and materials required for your business. We empower you to arrange the correct sort and measure of inventory to address your customers' issues and keep your products getting off the racks.

If inventory control is overseen legitimately, it can enable your business to decrease its expenses, accomplish economies of scale and set up your business for vulnerabilities.

Our Inventory Maintenance Strategies

  • Keep precise inventory records: consider utilizing inventory control programming to track and analyze your deals and inventory levels.
  • Set without a moment to spare inventory management in motion: discover suppliers that can address your issues as you take care of requests.
  • Focus on shopper and industry trends: discover what hot new things are going to the market so you are not left with outdated inventory.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty offering things in your inventory, think about offering rebates or giving them to philanthropy.
  • Plan for the unforeseen: ensure you have a decent association with reinforcement suppliers to guarantee that merchandise will be conveyed if your primary provider can't supply your products.

Hire Our Experts

Our Osiz service is to a great degree intense, adaptable, and extensible and has further developed highlights, than other CRM frameworks, and is utilized by immense number of associations over the world. We ensure that our customers get most extreme ROI through our customized arrangement. If you need to change your deals and upgrade your showcasing endeavors, it is the correct decision for meeting your particular business needs if you hire our Team for Customer management services. These are the key focuses make Osiz profitable and supportable in the aggressive market.

In shoulder of Osiz Customer Success Management stage, our managements will empower you to unhesitatingly utilize the product to drive positive results for both your organization and customers.

Awards and Certifications

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